Gospel Foundation Tools

Here are PDF files for all of the tools (visual diagrams and charts) used in Gospel Foundation. For most of the tools we’ve included a filled-in version and a blank version. You are free to print and share these tools with others!   All Lessons: Gospel Identities Chart (aka The Four Question Chart) All Gospel … Read more

Good News with John Krasinski

We all love good news – both hearing it and sharing it.¬†When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, social media and the news were ripe with news of tragedy, terror, and turmoil. Actor John Krasinksi took it upon himself to shine a spot of good news in the gloom and doom with his “Some Good News” video series.

Watch this episode of his video series, then consider how YOU can share the good news of Jesus with others in a dark and often depressing world. Whether it be a great restaurant, an amazing movie, a sports team victory, a promotion, or something entirely different, we have a natural propensity to tell others about the positive things we hear, see, and want others to experience – and Jesus is by far the best thing of all.

Someone you know needs to hear about Him.

What’s some good news that you have heard or shared with others recently? Post in the comments for all to enjoy.