Six Lessons

Each study in the Discipleship Lab series has 6 lessons comprised of 3-5 articles. The lessons build on one another and have built-in opportunities for review.

Head-Heart-Hands Format

The lessons utilize group reading, discussion, and hands-on practices so that the entire person is fully engaged in a holistic pursuit of Jesus resulting in life transformation.

P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E. Exercises

Each lesson contains 8 exercises to choose from based on our acronym - Pray, Remember, Apply, Confess, Tell, Investigate, Challenge, and Explain. The exercises help participants connect the content to their lives, develop spiritual disciplines, and cultivate a vibrant walk with Jesus.

Beautiful Design

The books are laid out with ease-of-use in mind. With quality spiral binding, space to write, tools and illustrations, and beautiful imagery to accompany the text, the design is practical, straightforward to use, and aesthetically inspiring.

Designed for Small Groups

Discipleship Lab is designed for small group (3-6) or one-on-one settings. While it can be used individually, it will have the greatest impact when done with others.

Supplemental Resources

Our website is full (and constantly growing) of enriching resources organized by study and lesson, including videos, printable tools and charts, articles, blog posts, and more.

Written for Everyone

Discipleship Lab can help anyone grow in their relationship with Jesus - whether they are checking Him out, meeting Him for the first time, or having been walking with Him for decades. The content is both easy-to-understand and incredibly deep with a blend of solid theology and practical application.

Easy-to-Use Leader's Guides

A larger version of the participant's book, the Leader's Guide includes a special introduction with everything a leader needs to know. Margin notes throughout the content help leaders prepare and maximize their effectiveness.